Cover Madness

Right. The blog.  I hear we have these things.

So, where have I been? Working away, obviously. Not necessarily at things you care about, but busy after all.

I’ve been in the midst of working on stuff for Inkwolf Press, more book covers, and such similar projects. You can now take a look at the lovely cover for Doc The Vampire Hunting Dog, with more on the way.

For now, have a look at some concept covers for Arabian Dreams, forthcoming from Echelon Press.

This was my personal favorite, but the author sadly pointed out there are no castles in the book. Details!

I vetoed the mountains on the ground that a story with horses and mountains could fit into any number of genres, with nothing to indicate it’s a rip-roaring fantasy adventure.

So, we agreed on the labyrinth as the winner, as one is a prominent plot point. No David Bowie, though.

I assure you, I was disappointed too.