Things and stuff

Oh my, how the time flies. July already? I don’t believe it! That means school is on the way, and that is unacceptable. Shudder.


Been busy with assorted family things when everyone was in town for the 4th, and found myself rather stalled on some of my art projects since it would appear Borrowers have run off with the pen for my digital tablet. Makes it a bit tricky to get some things done then. After tearing the apartment apart, I’ve finally surrendered and ordered another. Woe and misfortune.

Fine, keep it then!


But luckily, I’ve gotten more part-time dayjob work, so I can actually afford it. Which is a surprising (though certainly not unwelcome) change from the normal excessive poverty that I’ve gotten so used to. At this rate, I can eat something besides rice and maybe even consider finding somewhere to live with a yard and walls slightly thicker than tissue paper when my rent’s up.

Does that ruin my artist cred? Damn.