Promotional Materials!

Where have I been, you ask? Hey, hey – don’t worry about it, says I.

This translates to something like “finishing the school year, moving into a new apartment, starting a new job”… you get the idea. I have still been working, though, and have some things to show for it.

J.A Campbell’s upcoming Senior Year Bites (available through Decadent Press on June 24th!) has a lovely piece of cover art (and even lovelier alternate black and white cover, if I may say so myself) and I got to work with them both to make bookplates and bookmarks for her to autograph

If you aren’t excited for this book, well… you should be. I’m lucky enough to have seen early drafts and it’s a nice reaction to the Twilight tomfoolery that’s been floating around.
(vampires that actually eat people? Ridiculous!)