Mondays suck.

Sketches, however, are awesome. As a result, I dumped a bunch of sketches from the book I just filled up on my DeviantArt account!








It’s always fun to look back over a sketchbook and see how various pieces took shape through doodles, notes and concepts – some of them I didn’t even remember, but later contributed to a finished piece. It’s also a great way to track improvement – on this one, the oldest is the friendly fella in the top right corner and the newest is the self portrait somewhat alarming madame on the top left.

And one more for good measure, a blog exclusive no less, the sketch I’m currently working on turning into a finished piece:










While on the topic (not really, but I want to fill space), tree people scare me. It’s probably because I’m from the great plains, where more than two trees per square mile is claustrophobic. Or because I saw the Wizard of Oz at an impressionable age, and those potentially-murderous apple trees scarred me for life.

Not that I don’t like trees mind you, in fact I’m quite fond of them. (I’m not Durkon here) I just don’t want them talking back to me – I can’t imagine they’re thrilled with all the climbing, fruit picking, and stick swordfighting I’ve used them for over the years.

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