New work

It’s been a while since I updated, and it’s also been a while since I had a new finished piece to show off:

Yes, this is a man

A character from a personal project of mine, combined neatly with skintone practice. And in case anyone ever wondered, here’s a loose timeline of the process for most of my paintings:

School and family emergencies are a remarkable timesink, but I finally seem to be finding opportunity to work again. Just dropped some of my work off to be (hopefully) entered in a student art show – wish me luck!


So, once upon the time in the magical land of the internet, there was an artist and there was a blog.

If you’ve been linked here, you probably already know a little bit about all this. If you stumbled across it… how on earth did you do that?

Either way, welcome.

This is a blog for both professional resources and the occasional opinion piece on the nerdier side of life. I currently work as a freelance illustrator, available for commissioned work, and have worked for both private individuals and companies. For details on this, I can be contacted by email at:

A portfolio of my previous work, both personal and commissioned is available here.
I specialize mostly in individual illustrations, but would be interested in larger projects depending on the details.

You can also find my day-to-day ramblings here on Twitter.